Saturday, November 24, 2007

But Where's Joe???

Jim Langley and I rode together in my truck to the Mt Hamilton hill climb event Thanksgiving morning. Jim had gotten a last minute reprieve from his wife, allowing him to go, which meant we wouldn't all fit into Mark's truck, and so my truck was pressed into service. We met Mark and the others at Scott's place bright and early on a crisp morning. Jim and I piled out to greet everyone, but Mark was all business.
"We'd better keep moving...we still have to pick up Joe."
Someone asked if I knew where Surf City was, I didn't, so they said, "just follow us." So we piled into the 2 trucks, Jim and I following Mark until he pulled into the lot of a Starbucks in Scotts Valley, whereupon Melanie jumped out of the truck and dashed into the store. "Kind of soon for a bathroom break," mused Jim. Several minutes later Melanie dashed back out and hopped into the truck, and we zoomed off and were soon on our way over Hwy 17.
Every once in awhile a confused Jim and I would ask each other, "But what about Joe? I thought we were picking him up? And where the hell is Surf City?"
Jim thought of calling someone in Mark's truck on his cell phone, then realized he didn't have anyone's number. We thought of pulling alongside Mark's truck and yelling our questions out the window, then thought better of it. We became even more confused when Mark passed the exit that would have taken us to the base of Mt Hamilton. But we forged in the captain and all that, and Mark did get us to the staging area for the climb, the last in the Low-Key Hill Climb series.
Once there we forgot all our questions and confusions and got on with the business of preparing for the race. (Maybe someone else can report on the race itself.)
After it was all over and we were preparing to leave, I asked Mark, "So whatever happened to Joe? I thought we were going to pick up Joe?"
To which Mark replied, "We stopped for coffee...Melanie wanted a cup of jo."
posted by Matt (not always dazed and confused...)

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