Sunday, March 30, 2008

Rhonda van Breezy Beens

Circuit Race, M45+ 3/4, 30 March 2008

early in the race, Scott & Vlada in the pack

Geoff in the pack, close to the front

with about 7 laps to go, Mark & Geoff on the front

Geoff & Mark on the front, 4 more to go

heading into 4 laps to go, Jim chasing the leaders

Geoff & Mark on the front, heading into 3 laps to go

Mark in 2nd wheel, behind Geoff (off camera), Jim in about 6th wheel, going into 3 laps to go

heading into 2 more laps to go, Geoff & Mark off the front in a 4 man group

Vlada hanging in the group

Geoff off the front going into the bell lap

And the winner is.....????

...............none of our guys....oh well.

Dennis sprinting for 9th

You guys put on a great show.

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