Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Early Bird race report

Here's a belated race report from the Early Bird Road Race on Saturday.

The 45+ 4/5 race started with a few early attacks, but I chose to hide in the pack and heed Coach Mark's advice to stay out of the wind, close gaps gradually, etc. As we hit the steep 2-mile climb near the halfway point, I made my first mistake: starting too far back. Seven guys had escaped by the time I worked my way through the traffic. So I found some good wheels to pace off (and hide from the headwind).

At the turnaround, we were about 20-30 seconds back. After the initial fast descent, we had a chase pack of 10, but the group was making all the mistakes we've been working on in our Highway 1 paceline drills: letting gaps open, surging instead of pulling through evenly, staying too long on the front, etc.

So I thought: WWMD (What Would Mark Do)? I encouraged everybody to work together and keep a steady pace. Soon we were humming along and enjoying the fun, gradual downhill. We caught the leaders with about 2 miles to go. Then I made my second mistake, starting my sprint too late and getting boxed in. I finished 6th. I should've been thinking: WWDD (What Would Dennis Do)? Live and learn...


Dennis the Mennis said...

WWIHD (What Would I Have Done): I would have gotten out in the wind sooner, to heck with the wind, rather than get boxed in, but I suspect you know that already! My sprinter friend Chris (nearly made the Olympics in '88) sez "better to be at 95% and well positioned than at 75% and boxed in." :-)

Paul Robins said...

that was one of my old DBC cronies that made the early jump at the end of your race to win it. Surprised even himself with that one.

I'm new to the area and cat 4 45+. Perhaps we can team up on other races later this season once my dust settles (building a house, etc). I'll try to catch you all on a south county training ride some time. Paul Robins