Sunday, March 1, 2009

Mini-review: 2009 Giant TCR Advanced SL 0

I picked up my brand-new Giant TCR Advanced SL0 from the Bicycle Trip on Thursday. First off: This bike is drop-dead gorgeous. Everyone who's seen it has had instant bike lust and asked to lift it (which causes more awe, since it's 14.92 pounds as shown).

I haven't yet gotten the chance to run it through a real gauntlet. The weather's been crappy, and I'm waiting for a replacement for the stock 100mm -6° stem, which leaves me too scrunched up and high up on the bike. Solution? The 3T Arx Team stem in 120mm -17°, and it doesn't hurt that it's got red accents to match the bike. ;)

So how does it feel so far? How does it compare to my admittedly lower-end (but no slouch) Santa Cruz Roadster, which is already an excellent racing bike?

Simply put, the Giant TCR Advanced does a better job and everything the Santa Cruz excels at, all while providing the comfortable ride that carbon is known for. This bike just begs to go fast. The ultra-efficient way that it transfers the power from your legs into forward motion is just unreal.

Handling is superb. It corners like it's on rails, and braking is incredibly crisp (no doubt due to the extra material at the headtube).

Not much else to say, except I can't wait to race this thing and I love this bike!.


Dennis the Mennis said...

I hear you Nils! These new Giant frames are really solid. The handling down fast descents, like Bonny Doon is simply awesome. Much more secure-feeling than my older models. I wish I had your super-duper wheels though!

kimisudsy said...

Sorry, I just had to wipe up my drool from looking at that bike!

Hong said...

I just pick one up myself. I love it.

jess said...

HI am waiting for mine to arrive in country, New Zealand that is. So cant wait to take it for a test spin. Can anyone give me an indication on how the Di2 reacts in the wet?? and how awsome it is to Climb as I have a few hills near by to slaughter