Saturday, April 25, 2009

2009 Wente RR (Elite 3): Reading is good!

By Nils Tikkanen

I'll make this one short. For some reason, I thought we were racing five laps (instead of four) on this course. I think I misheard something the official said at the beginning, and thought I'd see '4' twice before seeing 3, 2, and 1. It didn't help that at the beginning of the final climb, the dynamics weren't obvious enough to reveal that it would indeed be the final climb. You know, maybe—just maybe—I should take note of those handy lap cards next time.

Let's just say that my expression was confusion, followed by "oh shit" when I saw people sitting up as they crossed the line. Hopefully there will be photos.

  • Some guy managed to hit a cone during the neutral start. He pushed it for nearly five whole feet before going down. Thankfully, he was fine and made it back... but it was damned funny.
  • Mid-race, there was a break up the road that we were slowly closing down. I helped to initiate a blazing fast paceline on the flat section towards the final climb, and felt pretty good about that (especially since the group was later caught).
  • Did I mention I thought I'd be racing another lap? Clearly, I need to upgrade so I can get those extra miles in.
  • I dropped my &*#!ing chain again, but caught back on faster this time. I really need to get this checked out. Coincidentally, another guy with a SRAM Red setup also dropped his chain in my race.

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