Friday, May 8, 2009


It was a weird evening out there.. so many cars (many of which pulled right for me to pass) and so many riders (for whom I gave a wide berth), and I'd left my HRM transmitter at work, so I felt a bit naked going into an ITT going purely on perceived effort. Nevertheless, things seems to be going well. I went out hard but tried to keep a relatively high cadence. My position felt really good (I'd spent some time before the 4x20 workout in front of a mirror, playing with bar angle). I made it to the top in about 16:30, which was pretty good. The second leg was fast. I tried to stay tucked during the descent, only coming out to steer through the four hard corners (right to one-lane left, right to 15mph left). I took it a little easier on the corners than usual, as my seat was a bit higher and farther forward than I'm used to. When I made it to the section approaching the second-to-last climb (god that one always hurts), I realized I'd be going for a PR. The last section is the hardest... I just gave it everything I had coming out of the climb while staying tucked, just pushing those pedals around as fast as possible and came through with ~28:22 (yet to see the official results). I'm pretty

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