Friday, July 24, 2009

2009 Watsonville Race Report (Elite 3)

Report card
  • Bike prep: F
    It would've been helpful to notice that my pump was misreading and I'd really inflated my tires to only 90psi.

  • Warmup: B+
    A one-hour ride down from Santa Cruz with a few hard efforts really primed the legs

  • Handling skills: A/C-
    A+ when I gunned it from the whistle and started gapping the field more and more on each corner. Perfect time for a breakaway, until you get too excited through a very technical left-hander and manage to not pull a Thor Hushovd. C- for that move.

  • Pit crew teamwork: A
    You guys were awesome with Russ's spare 404 and the super fast wheel change

  • "Suitcase of Courage" award
    Got into enough of a rhythm to hold a 2-man breakaway away for over 20 laps. Also might win an award for synchronized pedaling.

  • Sprint points: D
    Getting boxed in on the outside sucks. Frustrating to not be able to top out. Still got 5th and a motherload of strawberries.

What a fun race. Sure made for some great photo ops. (My friend Kim has a photo album online called "you only get good photos if you're fast". How very true.) See my friend Omari's coverage of the E3 race.

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