Saturday, September 12, 2009

San Ardo Road Race 35+ 123

Steve Heaton

Michele and I drove down together.....what a treat it is to go racing with my wife :) seeing her out on course pushing herself mentally and physically. I think she is great and I feel lucky.

My race went hard off the line but I was prepared. I was hovering around 5-10 back most of the first lap going with every break that had the right mix of teams represented. Being solo guy with no teammates this is what you have to do in order to have a chance at the win. everything was being pulled back. Second lap I was around 20 back (recovering) when a serious break formed half way into the race while I had my thumb up my ass. All I could do is watch and squirm pinned in "bye bye". worked my way to the front looking to go with those interested in chase but nothing worked. third lap I decided I would go for the pack meat victory so I sat in attentive. going through town Nat champ Dude who I never saw the whole race came to the front and pulled hard so I positioned myself 5 back for the left turn. 100m before the turn he all but sits up and causes me and another guy to line up in front 3 wide (I had to slow up not to take the lead) 50m I decided to jump since I was in the front and need to make a split second decision before someone else does. I have the power to jump, create a gap and hold on for grim death. I went into the final left to fast sweeping wide and the only guy who could match me got the inside and held me off I looked back and had a huge gap so I coasted in for 11th place. I feel confident I can win this race in the future.

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