Friday, May 7, 2010

5-6-10 Swanton TT


I am very pleased that I have achieved my primary cycling goal for 2010.

Since I just made my goal with only one extra second to spare I am glad I went “crazy” and removed the bottle cages and taped the small helmet vents. Other than that, I used almost exactly the same equipment as my last attempt (30:19). I did purchase a downward slanting stem that allowed me to lower my bars about 1cm bellow the top of the head set. My pacing probably wasn’t as good as my last attempt- felt like I was overcooking it- glad I had my heart rate monitor working so I could see that I needed to dial it back. Ned Overand was able to go over 2:30 faster than me on a very similar set up (he’s 11 years older and his position looks significantly less aero) but he didn’t get the nickname “the lung” for having the same tiny aerobic system as me.

Ken Sato

I want to thank Jim Langley for his advice on my creaking seat post. I have had creaking since I bought a Cervelo with an aero post about a year ago. Talked to many people including the local shop where I purchased and Cervelo directly with no resolution. I recalled Jim saying he had a similar bike and knew he was quite knowledgeable- so I sent him an email. Almost immediately, he sent me a detailed reply with an excellent solution to the creaking.


Jim Langley said...

Wow! That's an awesome time, Ken. Great job making the 29-minute club. Not too many people get a membership to that. Nicely done! And thanks for the kind words about the seatpost. I'm happy I could offer some help. Bike noises drive people crazy and it's fun to figure them out.

Mark Edwards said...

Excellent Ken! You set yourself a tough goal, then you got to work and got it done. I can't wait to see the next challenge you set for yourself.

Michele said...

Remember way back in the old days when we used to be around the same fitness level? Those days are long gone. You are inspiring Ken!