Tuesday, February 15, 2011

CCCX Circuit Race #2 Feb 12, 2011 55+ Race

Steve's already crossed the line. I'm in front of the 55+.
CCCX CR #2 55+ 1/2/3 Race Report
By Jim Langley

Please read Michele and Steve's reports for more details. I'll keep my report short so as not to push theirs down the page too much. Essentially the 55+, which is raced with the 45+, was decided by my amazing teammates and they deserve most of the credit. They set the pace so high and tired out the field so that all I had to do was: not get dropped, mark my competition, and then be super aggressive in the sprint. In the photo, the yellow line points to me, so you can see where I was positioned in the sprint relative to Steve who won the 45+.

Two things happened late in the race that helped me. With a few laps to go I was dying and wondering if I could even finish. Then Geoff rolled back to me and asked me if I felt like I could win it. And, that positive comment changed my focus and got me back in the game. Thanks Geoff!

LtoR: 5 Cerruti, 2 Hennessy, 1 Langley, 3 Hamson, 4 Gilford
But then on the final lap, I was distracted and I ran into Detlef's rear wheel, causing me to swerve hard left and into the gravel next to the road. Somehow I managed to stay upright and the near-crash gave me a jolt of adrenaline that really helped me chase down the pack and get fired up to go for the win.

It was an awesome team performance and I wish all you guys could have been on the podium because I couldn't have won it without you! Thanks!


Michele said...

It's so fun to read a race report and see that we all struggle to overcome obstacles in every race. Way to go Jim!

Satin Matt said...

way to go Jim - nice disappearing bike trick too!