Monday, March 28, 2011

Scott Martin's Saturday Training Ride Report

My Saturday March 26, 2011 Training Ride Report
By Scott Martin

Editor's note: typically on Mondays, emails circulate about the training people did over the weekend. This one from Scott arrived this morning and I wanted to share it with everyone (with Scott's permission).

" Desperate to get outside after doing my last 5 4-by-20-minute L4 workouts indoors, I waited till Saturday afternoon to head out. 

Rode over to Felton, dodging slides and raindrops. Felton Empire: closed

Rode back to Scotts Valley and down Glen Canyon (a.k.a. Glen River) to do Branciforte instead. Branciforte: closed

Rode home and got on trainer. PowerTap, damp from my ride, goes crazy on first repeat, dropping 100 watts. I kill myself before I realize what's happening. Last 3 repeats are torture. Of course the sun is shining brightly by now.

I. Hate. This. Rain. "

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Heater said...

South county was beautiful with mostly dry roads and full sun.