Monday, March 5, 2012

Novice Track Racing, Cat 3/4/5, 3/3/2012

By Dennis Pedersen

This year the NCVA is offering a new series of weekend "novice races" that cater mostly to juniors and beginners... but also with races for old guys like me. The first one was last Saturday. I hadn't raced on the oval track since last Fall, so I was looking forward to racing at Hellyer Park's velodrome again.

First up were our timed flying-200-meter individual time trials. I was one of the last up and managed a 13.08-second run. Not my best (which is 12.48). I sometimes have a wobble in the steering during these maximum efforts, and that happened this time. But it seemed everybody else was a bit slow too, perhaps because of the wind, so I ended up well placed; I think 3rd or 4th.

This was followed by a 12-lap "scratch race." They ended up shifting us Masters away from the planned race, with juniors and women, and into the open-age Category 3/4/5 race. That ended up being fine with me, since I was able to jump with 1.5 laps remaining and solo to 1st place. Woo-hoo! As a sprinter it's usually better for me to wait until we have maybe a half-lap remaining... but I knew guys like Andreas Vogel could probably out-sprint me at that distance, hence my decision to jump much sooner. (Video on FaceBook.)

Then we did some cool standing-start-500-meter individual time trials. I'd never done one of these before, though it's the same concept as the 1-kilometer I did back in 2007. Michael Wesley was our "holder" and did a great job of holding me while I was clipped into both pedals, on my bike, at the ready on the track. They even had a very Pro-sounding starting audio signal. I actually had the best start of the day, but faded a bit toward the end. Anthony Borba consoled me by saying the wind picked up during my run. Even so, I think I got 3rd fastest time.

Last up was our Cat 3/4/5 15-lap "points race." I won the first sprint, on lap 5, giving me 5 points. But I got boxed in on the second sprint, on lap 10, for zero points. For the final sprint I again managed to take the win, giving me a total of 10 points. But "Scott," from Chico Corsa, had managed two 2nds, plus a 1st, giving him 11 points. So, I got 2nd place. (Video on YouTube.)

As always, I had a great time and was really happy I made it to this race. I'm looking forward to the rest of the track-racing season!

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Dennis the Mennis said...

Here are the timed results from this session:

200M TT
Andreas Vogel 12.9
Dennis Pedersen 13.1
Mathew Dizon 13.2
Larry Szabo 13.5
Chris Caine 13.5
Jared Prolo 13.6
Buffie Stark 13.7
Scot Heather 13.7
Rick Morgan 13.8
Mason Kropp 13.8
Steven Woo 13.9
David Porter 14.4
Neil Wright 14.6
Katherine Hamilton 15.6
Jordan Wolfe 15.6
Kristin Wolfe 15.9
Heather Oliver 15.9
Will Wright 16.2
Cathy Morgan 16.6
Niles Wesley 16.7
Lauren Wolfe 17.5
Miranda Reisch 18.5
Diego Borba 19.8
Madelyn Swanson 22.3
Rich Rozzi 13.95(Tiemeyer) 12.65(Hello Kitty Bike)

500M TT
Rich Rozzi 38.84
Dennis Pedersen 40.28
Scott Heather 40.29
Mathew Dizon 40.5
Buffie Stark 41.9
Rick Morgan 42.28
Jordan Wolfe 42.53
Neil Wright 43.58
Jared Prolo 43.74
David Porter 44.3
Larry Szabo 44.56
Mason Kropp 45.77
Kristin Wolfe 46.84
Katherine Hamilton 48.22
Cathy Morgan 51.19
Will Wright 51.9
Heather Oliver 52.13
Lauren Wolfe 52.8
Miranda Reisch 54.96
Niles Wesley 57.23
Diego Borba 62.36
Madelyn Swanson 67.43
Steven Woo
Andreas Vogel
Chris Caine