Monday, August 27, 2012

Yikes Fame to Flame at Rohnert Park, pic's to follow.  I did a Age 60 Category to see If I could keep up with people my age and up.   I think there was maybe 40/50 guys in my race. My team mates were there and they recommended I stay up in the front as much as possible and to stay to the left on the head wind side of the course.  I started good, hung really well trading of with a few different riders.  There were 3 guys about 20 sec's ahead at midway in the race. I know cause I heard someone in the crowd shout out the interval. 
Well we finally caught them towards the end.  I was pretty aggressive in this race staying really close to the guy ahead of me to catch his wind, another guy on my right wanted to squeeze in and I pushed his arm a little to keep him from colliding with me and told him I have this wheel, he remarked that he was ahead of me on my right and I repeated I had this wheel and he didn't bother me the rest of the race. 

                                 "The Last 2 laps"
I'm doing really well running 2nd, guys keep trying to get me to take the pull and I say nope.  I hear a guy from behind yell out "Chicken".  I replied its an age thing, but I didn't see him pass me neither.  On the last lap I was pretty much 2nd place to the end.  So the only strategy I had was to keep tucked in behind the first place wheel, and that was what I did, we had a small break on the group but not enough, on the last turn, WOW! I am still in 2nd and forget about the Finish. About 400 meters from the finish the first place guy speeds up, he must have seen the group coming as he either faded back to the line or dropped out or sprinted ahead, maybe I just pulled out, I was pretty much dazed and confused at this point as I was pretty much hung out to dry at the 200 meter mark a freight train of almost the whole group passed me on the left.  Fame to Flame.  But you bet your Joey's bootees I won't do that again. 


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