Tuesday, August 25, 2009

San Ardo + University RR report (Elite 3)

I'm one of those crazies who deludes himself into thinking that two road races (one being the notoriously painful University RR) in one weekend is a grand idea. I have a soft / masochistic place in my heart for the UCSC Cycling hometown race course, so I can never pass it up. And how often do you get to ride your bike to a race?

San Ardo: 9th place. Started the race with a teammate, but Thad unfortunately was crashed out when another rider hooked bars with him. I came into the finishing slight climb with perfect position but too little in my legs. I'd helped bring back a few breaks, which is a pretty silly thing to do when you're the only Bike Trip rider and SJBC's got five guys, Webcor three, and Swift three. Heck, it's telling when a few guys told me to not work so much—how often does that happen?

University RR: in the results! This is the race that made me realize that I need to be 5-10 pounds lighter. I managed to last 9 laps before I started "going backwards." An improvement over last year, nonetheless! It was especially fun to sprint on the lap after seeing "1" on the lap card...only to see "1" again. AUGH.

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