Saturday, June 5, 2010

Swanton TT 6-4-10

32:03 fixed gear 50 x 17 (79 gear inches)

I wasn’t going to come out again so soon since I achieved my “bogus” cycling goal for 2010 of getting under 30 minutes (on a multiple gear bike) last month as Swanton. Wednesday, it occurred to me I had an extra track bike in the garage. I decided to slap a front brake on one of them and give it a whirl. Since I had no idea how it would go on a fixie it seemed like a new challenge. I looked at the Swanton results over the last several years and a few showed that about 80 gear inches seemed to be about what a few that had used. I figure that 2 minutes for spinning out down the hill and coming back (tailwind) seems about right. Since I don’t regularly ride a fixie on the road I slowed quite a bit on the faster, bumpier and twisty sections. I don't know that I could push a bigger gear up that hill.

Ken Sato

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