Monday, June 21, 2010

2010 Pescadero Coastal Classic (Cat 3)

My job at the Pescadero road race was to make sure Abe (a much better climber than me) was fresh for the third and final climb up Haskins. I had him on my wheel for nearly the entire race... it felt really good to have something to do, and not expecting to win really lifted a lot of pressure on me. Notable accomplishments:

* setting tempo up Haskins on lap 1
* doing a big part of turning a 2-minute gap into 30 seconds with some good work on Stage Rd on lap 2
* bringing Abe to the front of Haskins and setting pace for a few minutes for "going backwards" on lap 3
* Abe got 7th place in a 72-person field

This race stuck together, and it basically turned into a 3km mass-start hill climb at the end. Really not my cup of tea.