Monday, July 12, 2010

2010 Pescadero Road Race 55+

Pescadero RR 55+ Report continued
By Jim Langley

Since I was in the 55+ with Ed, I thought I'd add a few comments on how the race went for me. As Ed mentioned it was a full field and the pace was fast from the get-go. We flattened the opening Stage Rd. climbs, flew down 84, sailed up Haskins Hill and it was pretty obvious the real racing would begin on lap 2.

Typically, the attacks come on the second Stage Rd. climb so I was ready for this. The plan was to not chase any attacks, but follow the top 55+ guys covering them. Unfortunately, when Steve Archer of Morgan Stanley and Jamie Willin of Olympic Club broke away, no one chased and by the time we got to 84 the two escapees had a good gap.

Even though we probably had 40 riders in our group (combined 45+ 4/5s and 55+), no one would work. So, I asked Peter Taylor if he wanted to work together and we started the rotation. Mac Carey and a Webcor guy I don't know took some pulls and one of the 45+ guys.

When we turned onto Haskins, we were only about 50 yards behind the breakaway of Steve and Jamie. But, I was too tired to close the gap. Five guys jumped and caught them, 4 of the 55+ and a 45+ guy. I hung about 25 yards back riding alone hoping to get stronger up the climb and reel them in. I did catch and drop Jamie who was exhausted from doing the lion's share of the pulling in the break.

But, in the end, I couldn't make up any ground, and I finished 6th behind Steve Archer, Mark Caldwell, Peter Taylor, the mystery Webcor guy and Mac Carey who were all in the sprint. It was another tactical and interesting Pescadero RR, always one of the best races on the calendar. 

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