Sunday, July 18, 2010

2010 Watsonville Crit Race Report, in the form of haikus

The field:

Stars and stripes jersey
Supported strong by seven
Reaney means to win

Bonus field haiku:

Rides from Morgan Hill
Sprint intervals on the climb
Daniel Holloway

My race:

A fatigued body
An overtrained, tired soul
Dropped halfway through

A few non-haiku notes:

I'm so happy to be out of the apathetic "I don't want to pull, you pull" sketch-fest that is the cat 3 field. This race was safe, fast, and we hit the corners so much smoother. I'm looking forward to my next p/1/2 race on fresher legs. I felt OK for the first 25 laps or so, but Holloway decided to start drilling it at the front, which turned into my demise. Eric pulled me with 21 laps to go (out of 58!). I thanked him, then watched the rest of the race with my buddy and co-victim Justin Lucke.

1 comment:

Dennis the Mennis said...

So cool you're in cat 2 now... I love reading about your suffering as it makes me feel I'm not alone! But you've "only just begun... to fly," bon chance mon ami!